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We're making household clean ups easier than ever!

Welcome to Booked Clean Up. With our online booking system you can arrange your Booked Clean Up at the click of a button.


step 1

First consider what you can donate or recycle, then arrange your Booked Clean Up using the online booking system.


step 2

Receive an email confirming the time and date of your Booked Clean Up.


step 3

Put your items out the day before your collection and attach the poster or sticker or write your Booking Reference Number on the items.


step 4

A Booked Clean Up truck will collect your items! (Please note only the right items will be collected).

Items we accept

Household Furniture

Couches, Chairs, Rugs, Beds, Cabinets,
Drawers, Tables, Desks etc.


Televisions, Computers, Heaters,
Lamps, Fans etc.

Household Goods/Loose Items*

Toys, Prams, Clothing, Linen, Crockery, Boxes etc.*Loose items must be in boxes or bags.

Garden Waste*

Branches, Plants, Clippings, Mulch etc.
Up to 1 metre long and 15 cm in diameter.
*Loose items must be bundled and securely tied.

Metal Appliances/White Goods

Fridges, Dryers, Ovens etc.



How many Bulky Waste Clean-Ups can I access?

If you live in a house, duplex, villa, townhouse or apartment block with up to five (5) units you can make two (2) bookings each calendar year.  

If you live in an apartment block with six (6) or more units the number of collections you are entitled to depends on the size of the building.

Blocks with 6-50 units can access an additional two (2) collections and blocks with 51 or more units can access an additional four (4) collections per calendar year. The increased number is to help spread out the volume of waste coming out of large buildings which takes up space on the street and fills up truck capacity.

Your booking must be made by December 15 to ensure it is from the current year's allocation. Bookings made after this date will be recognised as bookings for the following year. 


What are the changes to the Bulky Waste Clean-Up service?

From 1 March 2021 the Bulky Waste Clean-Up service will be aligned across the whole City. The key changes include:

  • All households will be able to put out three cubic metres (3m3) of waste for each collection. That’s a pile three metres wide by one metre high and one metre deep. An increase of one cubic metre for most households.
  • Requiring bookings from apartment blocks with six (6) or more units to be made by a building caretaker, manager or strata on behalf of the whole building. Individual residents will need to contact their building manager to make a booking.  

A result of providing a single service to all residents we can: replace the existing 10 collection zones with 5 x zones; increase the number of collection trucks; increase daily capacity; reduce waiting times; improve customer service; and improve environmental outcomes.

These are big changes, we know there will be some disruption and we apologise for any inconvenience they may cause. We are committed to providing a better service overall. For more information visit cb.city/Wasteless

What is a Booking Reference Number and why is it important?

Your Booking Reference Number is the unique code assigned to your booking. It allows you to manage your Bulky Waste Clean-Up and let's Council know that your collection has been booked correctly.

You will be given the number over the phone or can find it in your confirmation email and/or SMS or by logging into My Account.

How do I show my Bulky Waste Clean-Up has been booked correctly?

The easiest way to show you have done the right thing is to write your Booking Reference Number and collection date on paper and stick it to your items – the more bits of paper the better. You can even just write it on the items directly. 

Alternatively, when you book your Bulky Waste Clean-Up you can choose to receive a confirmation e-mail (with a printable poster attached) or request to have a letter and sticker mailed to you.

You can attach either the poster or sticker to your items to show you have done the right thing. 

How do I book a Bulky Waste Clean-Up?

Making a booking is easy. If you live in a house or apartment building with up to five units you can:

  • Make and manage your booking on this site; or
  • Call Council's Customer Service Team on 9707 9000.

If you live in an apartment building with six (6) or more units, get in contact with your building caretaker, manager or strata representative who will make a booking on behalf of the whole building. They will coordinate the collection date, let you know where to put your items and follow up on any issues.


Can I change the date of my household clean up?

Yes, we are happy to reschedule your collection. If the date you booked no longer suits, you can manage your booking here. Otherwise, contact The City of Canterbury-Bankstown on 9707 9000 and we can reschedule your household clean up.

IMPORTANT: You may reschedule your booking up to two business days prior to your collection date. Rescheduling after this time will not be accepted.

How late can I cancel my household clean up?

You may cancel your booking up to three (3) business days prior to your collection date.

Cancellations after this time will not be accepted and will still use up one of your allocated clean-ups for the year whether you place any waste out or not.

If I cancel, can I re-book my Bulky Waste Clean-Up?

Yes you can re-book at any time. Simply head back online or call us on 9700 9000 to book in again at a time that suits you.

Keep in mind that there is usually a waiting period of 2-6 weeks, depending on the time of year.


How do I cancel my household clean up?

To cancel or reschedule, simply go to the manage booking page or call 9707 9000. You can cancel up until 10am on the weekday prior to your household clean up.

REMINDER: you cannot cancel your booking on the day of your collection .

Where should I put my items for collection?

You should place your items at the front of your property on the kerbside.

Where you have more than one side of the property facing the street (e.g. corner blocks), we ask that you that place it on the side that is safer and easier for our collection trucks to access.

When you make your booking, you will be asked where you will put your items out for collection (e.g. the front or side of our house). For example, if you place your items in a lane next to your home, rather than on the street that matches your address, you must enter the location when you make a booking. Your items may not be collected if they are not placed in the location you have specified.

Do I need to be home when my household clean up is collected?

No, you do not have to be home when we collect your items. Our team collects from 5am until 5pm – be sure to leave your clean up in the location you specified when making your booking and we will come past during the day.

What items can be collected in a household clean up?

You can find a full list of right and wrong items for collection here.

Can my garden waste be collected in a household clean up?

Yes, you can place garden waste and vegetation out for collection. Garden waste must be securely tied in bundles. Make sure your bundles are less than 1meter in length.

What if my neighbours add to my household clean up pile?

Report it! Report illegal dumping by calling 9707 9000. Litter and dumped rubbish is hazardous, creates a health risk and harms our environment. 

Why can I only book my household clean up one day of the week?

We clean up different areas of Canterbury each day of the week. To find out which days we collect in your area simply fill in the booking formBy filling in the form you will be able to view the dates available to your location.

What if I forget to place my items out?

We send out reminders via email and/or text message prior to your household clean up. If you forget which day you booked, you can also review your booking details via the manage booking option online

Is there someone I can contact for more information?

Yes, we have a friendly household clean up team eager to answer your questions. You can contact us on 9707 9000 (9am-5pm, Monday-Friday) or by making an enquiry here.

What if my household clean up is more than 3cubic meters in size?

A standard household clean up must be within 3 cubic metres in size. You can notify us if you have more than 3 cubic metres for collection by ticking the 'Double clean up' box on the form or letting one of our friendly team know by calling 9707 9000. If you fail to notify us that your collection pile is over 3 cubic metres in size you could be penalised.

What is a ‘double clean up’?

A ‘double clean up’ is equal to 6 cubic metres. 
You can request a double clean-up (6 cubic metres) if you have more items for collection than a standard household clean-up (3 cubic metres). If you need a double clean up you can let us know by ticking the ‘double clean-up' box on the form or by calling on of our friendly household clean-up team on 9707 9000. If you fail to notify us that your household clean-up is over 3 cubic metres in size, you could be penalised.


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